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Life November 17, 2010

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This week started out as a normal week. Had an excellent workout on Monday morning, and was raring to cruise on through the week to greater heights! Ahhh…but life does not always follow my plans. Sparing you the details, Monday night I got hit with a stomach bug that had me incapacitated for the next day.. I slept on and off all day on Tuesday, and finally by Tuesday evening I was well enough to eat half a cup of Life cereal. No workout for me Tuesday morning, and none this morning, either.  I think that by tomorrow morning, I should be well enough to get moving again. As a friend said, we’re concerned with the long haul.

BUT…As I have mentioned before, I have had long periods of exercising in the past, only to stop. To be knocked off the wagon by something like a twisted knee, or simply skipping too many workouts in a row; always promising myself that I’d start again tomorrow, only to have tomorrow never come. Because I don’t exercise on the weekend, Sunday nights produce quite a bit of anxiety in me. There’s always an element of, “Am I really going to get up and do this again tomorrow morning?”  So far, so good! I’m not going to lie, though–these past two days off have produced in me the same kind of uneasy feeling. Am I going to get up and do it tomorrow? Because I know how easily two days turn into two weeks…

As I was thinking of this the thought entered my mind, “Do I live to workout, or workout to live?” I know this question has been asked in terms of food –“live to eat/eat to live”, but I never thought about it when it came to exercise. Because like anything, there needs to be moderation. Believe me, I don’t intend on getting lax on my workout schedule– I have to have momentum there to keep going. I just don’t want to fall into the trap of freaking out if I have to miss a day.

That being said, I am currently downloading new music for my workout tomorrow morning. Praying the kids stay well!


3 Responses to “Life”

  1. Satin Says:

    I can so relate to everything you write! The only difference between us is that you are getting to the gym regularly and I am not. You are inspiring! but, keep looking for me…One of these mornings I am going to show up at the gym. 🙂 Keep taking it a day at a time. I look forward to joyfully sharing in your journey.

  2. Andi Says:

    Billie, as always, you say it well! I too have fallen off my treadmill wagon…and am inspired by what you have said. I don’t want to live to workout, but workout to live…so tomorrow, sometime AFTER when you have completed your morning routine, I will be hopping back on that horse…and riding again! ♥ you!

  3. Heather E. Says:

    You go girl, I know you will do it!! God Bless!!

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