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Guess what I did? February 21, 2011

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Tonight I went to the boy scout banquet. Because there were many awards to be given out,  the elementary school gym was partitioned so the little kids could play basketball and not have to sit for such a long time. I went over to keep an eye on the kids and ended up shooting some hoops, in a rather athletic fashion!! I was dribbling, pivoting, and shooting the ball (with actual correct form, for the first time ever, instead of just my wild chest throws). I wish you could see my direct life monitor activity graph–there are super high spurts of dark green and according to the info, I burned 196 calories in the first hour, and 242 in the second. =) Not only did I have a blast with my kids–I actually overheard one little boy say, “Get her on your team–she’s good!” (Which is a departure from the usual, “She’s fat!” )–but I also RAN. Up and down the court. Well, it was half court, really, and I don’t suppose it would be running to some people, but it was a good bit faster than I’ve ever gone on the treadmill, so yes, I would say I was running. =) SO EXCITING!!

The most exciting thing about it all, isn’t the fact that I was running, or that I was playing without feeling like I was going to drop over; the MOST exciting thing about it, is what was going on inside my head. You see, 6 months ago, I would’ve gone over to the other side of the gym and SAT, and watched the kids play.  I wouldn’t have taken my activity monitor out of my pocket and thought, “Hey, why don’t I try to get my 100% calorie burn goal today–I’m so close…”  I wouldn’t have played, because I wouldn’t have felt like doing anything but sitting. I’m not even remotely kidding about that.

Earlier in the day, before I met a friend for coffee, I did a 1 mile WATP video;  it was only 18 minutes long, but it was something. And for a part of it, my four year old daughter did it with me, holding my hand, and my eight year old son was marching right beside her. I thought, “Good–let them be with me and see that Mommy may be big, but she can still move!”

It was a good day.


8 Responses to “Guess what I did?”

  1. Jennifer Guermonprez Says:

    Billie that is soooo wonderful! I am a little behind due to some drama and some exciting thins going on here, but I’m catching up with you now.

    And just as exciting as the drama ending (or at least majorly reduced) is that I have an exercise partner finally! So hopefully I will join you in this journey to better health and shape.

  2. Terri Says:

    Billie, I am soooo proud of you!!! This is very inspiring!!! I need to be looking for more ways to move my body in everyday situations. I am sure there are many I just pass up. I praise God for you Billie!!! What a wonderful blessing you are!!! Would you be interested in doing a “Made to Crave” Bible study at my home this summer. It is a total of 6 classes. I’m thinking Thursday’s would be a good day for me. What do you think? I love you sooooo much Billie. God has a plan to prosper you big time. He is prospering you every day and as He does, we all are blessed. God is soooooooo good all the time!!!!!!!

  3. Andrea Royer-James Says:

    Inspiring. Proud. Admiring. Loved. Those are only but a few of the words that I used to describe YOU! Thank you for sharing…for being you.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Billie, you are so awesome!!!

  5. Jen Flick Says:

    that is really awesome billie. you’re doing it!

  6. Jenny Says:

    You are one brave lady!! I would have sat on the sidelines scared of what people might think.
    You are really inspirational!! 🙂

    • Billie Says:

      I was on the WW message boards one time (the 200+lbs to lose board), and someone had written about going to the gym, and feeling self-conscious because they were big; they worried that people would look or make comments about them. Someone (I wish I could remember her name) had responded this way:

      “I am fat, and I look fat, whether I’m in line at the grocery store, eating at a restaurant, driving, or jogging. Of all the places I’d prefer to be observed being fat, it is exercising. If they have to see me jiggle anyway, let them watch me jiggle as I power walk by.

      What are they going to say? “Hey fat girl, look at you getting less fat!”

      Brilliantly stated!! Don’t ever hold back because of what people might think. 😉

  7. Charlie Says:

    Billie, this is what it’s all about, you ninja, you!!! Learning that we are capable of so much more than our bodies lead us to believe!!! Yes yes YES!!!! So proud!
    And the teaching of kids while we do it- there is no reason to preach it and use words if we practice it and they see it in action! 🙂

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