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Blood work, part 2 March 2, 2011

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Quick update:

I called to bother the nurse again, and found out that the total triglycerides last year were 132 (which was normal) but now are even lower, 86; and the HDL last year was 50, (less than 50 is a risk factor for women) and this year they are 59–My doc said they wanted them to be 65; the AHA says 60 and above. So, everything there looks good. =)


2 Responses to “Blood work, part 2”

  1. Andrea Royer-James Says:

    I missed your March posts until today, so now that I am caught up again, GREAT JOB BILLIE!! I AM SO SUPER PROUD OF ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO!

  2. Susan Says:

    You must be greatly relieved after making that follow up phone call. Diet & exercise is the first approach to controlling those numbers & it looks like you are doing a bang up job! Keep up the good work 🙂

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